Unusual Start to 2013 Season

There hasn’t been anything typical about the start to our 2013 season; the weather playing the starring role.  Our local community is currently under a state of emergency due to the major flooding that has occurred.  Many people have evacuated their homes and still can not gain access to their many possessions and properties that are being damaged by the flood waters.

With the majority of our clients owning waterfront properties many of our job sites have been affected by the high water levels.  Ice has damaged decks and docks, roads and culverts have been washed out, septic systems have backed up, shorelines have been destroyed and water has entered residences.  While we didn’t anticipate this unusual start we do for-see a change in this years projects.  We are more than happy to help and provide assistance in anyway we can.

This flooding event has not defeated us, it has only made us stronger and demonstrates how fortunate we are.  It truly is amazing to see how our community pulls together in a time of need. Many thanks to all the volunteers, fire fighters, OPP, EMS, donations and everyone who provided assistance and helping those in need. Feeling very grateful to be part of such a wonderful community. We should all be proud.

Minden Bridge

Parking Lot / Street

Minden Residence

Minden Fire Department

Minden Residence

Gull River

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