Erwin, Bob Lake

“I live overseas so finding someone who really understood what my son and I were trying to achieve with the landscaping of our cottage was important, since we would not be there most of the time when the work was being performed to provide our guidance and answer questions.

In talking with Adam and his team, we gained a feeling of confidence that they had a great vision – one that we shared – for the property. After all, landscaping is like make-up – if applied well, it can bring its owner’s appearance to life! BrightWoods has worked wonders with our cottage property – as you can see from the photos. And when questions arose, it did not take long for me to say to Adam, “Just do what you would do if it was your own home.” Now as we enjoy the cottage, my son and I look proudly at our new home, and are grateful to Adam’s team for the professional job they achieved and the beautiful smile they gave our property. Thanks!”

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