"A well thought out plan is essential for a successful landscape."

Consultation & Design


We look forward to visiting your property for an initial consultation and develop a plan that suits both your needs and budget.  BrightWoods offers a full range of consulting services including landscape concept plans, computer generated blueprints for both hard and softscaping projects as well as garden and forestry services.  As many of our clients are waterfront property owners we offer the service of obtaining the required permits and documentation when completing shoreline projects.  Our clients can be confident that they are adhering to all local regulations that must be met for the protection of our shorelines, one of our most valued environmental resources.



Creating a unique one of a kind landscape for our customers is our passion. Our natural designs blend seamlessly with the scenic nature of the Highlands. Designing the perfect landscape is an exciting step towards achieving your overall goal for your property. A carefully planned and executed project can create dramatic visual appeal, maximize functionality and increase property value. BrightWoods Landscaping will assist you in developing a plan to best utilize your outdoor areas. We pride ourselves on working with the customer throughout the entire process and collectively turning your vision into a reality.



The natural environment and picturesque landscape is an important part of what makes spending time in the Highlands enjoyable. Waking up to the call of a loon, enjoying your morning coffee on the dock, swimming in a clean freshwater lake or river or sitting around a bonfire under the stars – these are the experiences that make living and cottaging in our area memorable. We all have a responsibility to protect the natural resources we value and to make sure that they remain healthy for generations to come.

When working around our lakes and rivers there is the potential for numerous agencies to be involved in varying degrees with your projects ; Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments. It is the landowner’s responsibility to ensure that all agency requirements are fulfilled and that they comply with all existing laws and regulatory systems. A work permit issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) is the most common permit that is required when working on shore lands. However applicants need to be aware that approvals may also be required from other agencies as well, such as municipal building permits, conservation authority permits and Fisheries and Oceans Canada approvals. Dealing with multiple levels of government can be an overwhelming and onerous task this is why BrightWoods offers a full consulting service. If you are planning to do work on your shore lands you should be aware of the potential impact your proposed development may have. Let the knowledgeable staff at BrightWoods look after obtaining all necessary approvals and permits.

If you are unsure as to whether a work permit or any additional approval may be required – we encourage you to contact us and we would be glad to discuss our services with you.