"It starts with communication, and ends in beauty."


Initial Consultation: Upon contacting our office, we will collect fundamental information and discuss our services and your objectives. We will meet with you on site to walk the property and discuss your thoughts and ideas for your project.

Site Analysis: A detailed site analysis is completed noting the existing on-site and adjacent property features, which may impact the overall design. This property inventory will be closely captured through documentation of site measurements, grades, elevations and photo’s for future reference. These key pieces of information will be used to prepare a base plan for the project. Our overall goal is to create the perfect outdoor space for our client that blends with the natural surrounding features of the existing landscape. 

Concept: Concept plans are inspired by the features of the landscape, the social dynamics and needs of our clients. Our landscape designer conceptualizes the potential of the landscape from both a functional and aesthetic point of view. Concept sketches evolve unearthing the desired attributes of the site customized to your personal tastes and lifestyle. A plan is created that addresses the ideas and requirements discussed at our first design consultation. We will then meet with you to discuss, obtain your feedback and revisions to the plan will be made as necessary. Once we have an approved plan for landscape construction, a proposal will be prepared for the installation of your new landscape outlining the scope of services, materials, permits if required, and costing.

Landscape Plan: Our designer can turn the concept into a final landscape plan. This master plan clearly reflects our client’s wishes and the designer’s vision. It’s drawn to scale, labeled and can be complete with a planting list for client visualization ready for construction. In some instances it may not always be feasible to complete the project all at once, we are able to accommodate and work with you to develop a logical schedule to accomplish your plan.

Installation: Depending on the scope of the project, our crew may be on site for varying lengths of time. We vow to maintain an open and interactive relationship with our clients through every stage of the build process. Whether it be a weekly update via email, telephone, in-person or just the call to say the project is complete we respect that every clients project involvement level will vary. Every project is site managed and constructed with pride by our skilled staff. We pay special attention to the selection of materials and supplies to ensure only the best quality products are used. Our quality craftsmanship is reflected in each hand picked stone that is selected from the quarry and placed in your custom design. We are committed to safety and professionalism in the workplace.

Follow-up: Once the installation process is complete we will meet with you on site to do walk through of the completed project. We are always available for contact should any detailed questions arise.

Maintenance: Our team is ready to assist you in maintaining your new landscape. Please inquire regarding the full range of maintenance services available.